Serve Pro Gen is a digital service provider, where you get services like web development, app development, graphic designing and digital marketing.

We know that humans make mistakes. If you place an order with us by mistake and you send us money, we have a refund and return policy in these cases.

If you have placed an order by mistake and now want to refund it, please read the details below carefully.

Order Mistakenly Placed

If you have mistakenly placed an order with us, we offer a refund within one week from the date of the order.

If you want to refund the order, you have to contact us on WhatsApp or Gmail and inform us about all the details of your order. If all the details you provided are correct then we have credited your money back to your account.

Contact Information:

WhatsApp: +923112458783


Conditions and Timeframe

If you place an order with us mistakenly, you’ll have one week to refund it. If you contact us within a week, we’ll refund your order.


No service is exempt from our refund policy. Any service you mistakenly order from us will be refunded.

However, ensure that the details you share with us are absolutely correct. If you share even the slightest wrong detail, your order will not be refunded.

Refund Procedure

The procedure for a refund will be that you have to share with us all the details of the order that you have mistakenly placed with us via WhatsApp or Gmail.

The details you shared have been checked by our team. If your details are correct, your order will be refunded.

Fees and Charges

We don’t charge a refund if you place an order mistakenly. We have deposited all your money into your account.

Alternatives to Refunds

We don’t offer any alternative way for a refund. If you want to get your money back then you have to contact us on WhatsApp or Gmail only. Other than that we have no way to refund.

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